Driving across South Africa

Since posting a few of our  Cape Town photos I've been trying to choose less than a hundred of our road-trip ones! We drove from East London to Cape Town on the main roads then back on the minor inland roads over 3 weeks staying in hostels and B&B's. We didn't have a set plan or time frame, we just woke up, looked at the maps and decided where we wanted to go that day, it was brilliant, such an adventure.

Jeffery's Bay at sunrise.

The happiest I've ever been at that crazy hour in the morning!

I can't over emphasize how 'in the middle of nowhere' these people were, I hope they
didn't have to wait to long... During our road-trip we passed so many hitch hikers and I felt
bad every time, but we had decided at the start that we wouldn't, we don't do it in
 Ireland so it seemed silly to start in Africa...

Wreck at Cape Agulhas, the very bottom tip of Africa, it was quite cool
 to stand looking out knowing the whole continent is behind you, other than
that it was quite an anti-climax after Cape Point...

I loved the way in a few hours you can go from this,

to this,

but that's Route 62 for ya!

Al picked me the sweetest tiny desert flowers, they were so
dry they lasted days on the dash board

Monkey world, a 12 acre enclosure for rescue monkeys and apes that can't be
re-released to the wild. This guys used to be a pet, his name is Atlas and he is beautiful,
I'd suggest looking at this picture big, I wish I knew what story his eyes were telling me. 

A windy day at St.Francis 

We stayed for about an hour on the rocks just watching these massive waves, so powerful!

Orange country, we bought some from a lovely wee family just down the road,
I often wonder about them too...

Happy kids, everywhere we went.

This is the lil' car that took us on our trip, it was brilliant,
except the time that the heat got stuck on... Funny memories though!

Making this post has made me so excited about our next road-trip, our honeymoon to Paris :) :) :)


  1. These are great pictures! I'm so jealous.

  2. Astra - you were wise not to help hitchhikers. We don't either.

    Route 62 is a brilliant road - not as busy as the N2, and with the most incredible scenery. Did you do the Seweweekspoort road? I hope so - it has the MOST incredible twisted and gnarled rock formations that I've ever seen! You can actually see the force involved and how the earth shoves itself above around in these formations. If not, perhaps you need to visit again ;)

    And - did you visit Ron's Sex Shop - it's actually a pub? LOL

  3. More amazing photos, I feel like I've travelled with you.

    Such a pretty flower.

    Such an adventure.

    Sft x

  4. Thanks Michelle, it was such an adventure, you couldn't take a bad picture on that trip!

    Dani I can't remember that particular road name but we did take lots of little detours based on local recommendations and we did see some amazing natural landscapes, including some pretty weird rocks so probably! LOL Ron's yup that was a local recommendation not to be missed - its in such a random place im surprised it's survived!

    Sft thank you for your comments I'm so glad I shared them :) looking forward to seeing all your African pics later on next year!


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