Bargain buys and childish humour!

I think Saturdays are fast becoming my happy day :)

This Saturday was brilliant, Al and I headed into town for a bit of shopping, it was chilly and there was a definite air of christmas excitement. We started by doing our rounds of the charity shops and they didn't disappoint, I found another Jamie Oliver cookbook in the same shop! A beautiful little casserole dish and a cool glass jar for our kitchen collection - all in perfect condition and for crazy prices, I'm so chuffed!

Then we split up for a wee while to do some secret shopping. I got one thing for Al, can't say what because he likes to read my blog, sweet hey? Hi baby, I love you! he-he

We stopped for diesel on the way home, he pumped and I went to pay, while I was in the shop waiting in line (he was still pumping) I locked the car with the clicker, husband looks around like 'thats weird', I start giggling and click it again, and again, he looks at the car confused and I crack up laughing in the shop, then he see's me and cracks up too! So the two of us are laughing hysterically and no one else knows why, we must have looked mental!

I love our childish sense of humour, how we can find joy and laughter in the dullest situations and how after 5 years of being together we are still best friends, closer than ever and happier than we thought possible :)

Anyone else having happy Saturdays lately?

Astra xx


  1. You have a good relationship, I know because I have one and I still find it amazing too. In my shopping today I got another canning book and a really old fashioned looking pitcher. I really like old looking stuff but they have to be useful too which this one is (I mean, I am sure I can use it for something, lol).

  2. Mr Sft and I still act childlike together and laugh and like you we've been together for 7 years now.

    Great finds in the charity shop.

    I wondered if you had an amount you were saving for your deposit and if so whether you could put it as a challenge on your blog so we can support you.

    10 years is a good goal to pay off your mortgage. We're aiming for 8 years!

    Sft x

  3. Thanks Becky, I love hearing about other happy couples :) I'm sure the pitcher will be very useful and if not beauty is as important for the soul!

    Sft - I get the feeling we'd get on well :) We don't have an exact amount in mind yet since we don't know if we'll be buying a house or building a strawbale one, wether we'll buy a half acre or 3 acres! Without sounding like too much of a hippy - we are just going to let our hearts decide at the time! Good luck with your 8 year plan, that sounds amazing! Looks like your on target too, really inspiring :)

  4. Ah! Jamie - the other love in my life :) Haven't seen that book though...

    And that casserole dish - too beautiful for words good finds!

  5. I hadn't seen this one either until the other day, to be fair he has so many of them it's hard to keep up! I can't wait to try the dish out, I'm thinking a lamb casserole thing with cous cous... mmmm :)


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